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The man kind help people be wronged charging police that help pe

The newspaper news (reporter Zeng Yi) last Friday Shunde Lunjiao "help people to be wronged" event has finally come: Shunde police yesterday issued books that help people accident, Feng Shuangwen has no responsibility.
The issue of responsibility after a good look, Mr. Feng work a electronics factory yesterday morning decided to plant in the range given notice of commendation, and in reward him 1000 yuan in cash.Last Friday afternoon five fifteen, in Lunjiao fertilizer on tin Farm Road, just off the Mr.
Feng electric car to the chicken delta direction, through the farm gate, suddenly heard the voice coming from motorcycle fell back, found a woman (after understanding the woman surnamed Li) to ride a motorcycle slide to the ground, the ground traces about 10 metres long.
Mr. Feng to stop immediately, and lifting the Miss Li, asking if she has nothing.Miss Li and her husband through mobile phone, 10 minutes after Miss Li husband and another man arrived at the scene, "two men arrived, the woman that I knocked her down!"Mr.
Feng recall also feel mysterious: "they don't let me go, eventually I had to report to the police."After police arrived, followed the ambulance also came to the scene, the police field measurement and record, and the two car.
Because of the relatively desolate, Mr. Feng recalled after a few motorcycle and bicycle, never stop to help, can not find a witness, and Miss Lee was taken to a nearby hospital, be checked only chin scratch.
Police: small accident helped people without the responsibility of traffic policemen in Shunde after receiving the report, the first conducted on both sides of the mediation work.But Mr. Feng hope the police can make an authoritative survey decided, then police survey found that two car no traces of collision, then according to the exploration situation, give this accident "016" accident conclusion, journalists access to traffic violations of code, "016" to "other", and the "other" in accordance with the relevant provisions, if there are specific violations, is the need of scripts written, specific to Mr.
Feng traffic behavior identification book, police did not specify his specific behavior, "in fact, this small incident, Mr. Feng no responsibility."Police staff said.And minor injuries to Miss Lee, the reporter to contact her family, he told reporters: "in fact, is a small, we do not want to dwell on it, police said (Feng) have no responsibility, no responsibility.
"To share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended | micro-blog hot today (Editor: SN029) by a man while his wife to pay New Year's call field, actually with other women in the family play ambiguous.
His wife returned home and found the spur of the moment, cut a wrist Dutch act, but was discovered in time, did not make the human life.110. Is that right?We have cut wrist Dutch act, please contact the ambulance.
"Before 10, Nanjing Hexi area residents call the police.Jianye District special police Jiejing, immediately rushed to the scene, and an emergency call ambulance.To the woman's home, 110 police found the woman mood is very excited, the wrist to open a big hole, straight to the ground drops of blood.
Let your persuasion, she is not willing to let the family helped her dress the wound.After much persuasion by police, the woman he cut a wrist Dutch act causes.Originally, during the Spring Festival, she alone to the field to give parents pay New Year's call, for several days to go home.
The results found that her husband was having an affair with another woman in the house, can not accept this fact, while the family is not at home to cut a wrist Dutch act.The dying woman after one finished, all is finished.
, just cut before long, was the family discovered.Subsequently, family emergency alarm.For the women's emotional stability, police and emergency physicians sent her to a nearby hospital bandaged the wound, and many persuade her to open-minded, cheerful attitude to face the life, treat life.
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Break looters slaughter left women kill as usual a

The afternoon of January 19th,on suspicion of robbery and murder suspect Xiao of (m ,a pseudonym ) by the Qidong police from Burma and shipped back to Qidong ,2010,1,2robbery and murder case solved successfully .
The police went to Burma season seventeen fifty-one on January 2nd ,Qidong County Public Security Bureau police command center reported that the loess shop :Samsung village 11 groups Village Liu Hua ( female ,55 years old) to be killed in the house .
After the scene investigation ,the victim is a single-family house ,the southwest corner was dug a diameter of 65cm

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At the beginning of lightning in Hunan Meteorological Center Hos

(Hunan provincial meteorological warning center inside the trunk was at the beginning of this year the thunder from top to bottom split off a layer of.Chen Jingjing photo) red net Changsha February 6th dispatch (reporter Li Huifang correspondent Chen Jingjing) in February 4th twenty-four solar term of spring, the 18:22 formal beginning, and in February 5th 14:32, Changsha that ushered in the spring after the initial thunderstorm.
Hunan provincial meteorological station reminds the general public, into the spring, the north and South air alternately frequent thunderstorms, multiple, please raise awareness of prevention, to avoid the lightning caused personal safety accidents and property loss.
In fact, before and after each spring, Hunan will usually have a thunderstorm coming, only this year first ray Changsha than perennial early and local strong.Hunan Provincial Meteorological Bureau experts, although in February 4th twenty-four solar term of spring, but because Hunan was cold and rainy weather covered, so did not enter the real meaning of the spring: "according to the meteorology, standard, the daily average temperature for 5 days over 10 DEG C to be formally spring.
"However, in February 5th 14:322012 years at the beginning of thunder had just beginning a day later appears in Changsha City south.Meteorological Bureau of Hunan province a staff member at the time described the scene: "two said of a great teacher of thunder, trailing two bolts of lightning, the Hunan Province meteorological warning center inside tree trunks were split off from top to bottom layer.
"Lightning protection center of Hunan province statistical data shows, February 5th 14:24, in Changsha urban South observed lightning, until seventeen twelve on February 5th, the province's total monitoring to lightning 10, are located in the eastern part of Yueyang and changsha.
According to the Bureau of Mines rain causes, Hunan meteorological station chief forecaster Ye Chengzhi introduced, 5 to start the evening on the 7 day, Hunan province will be affected by strong cold air to cool the precipitation weather process.
The influence of cold air, southwest warm wet airflow is strengthened somewhat, surface trough also develops somewhat, the surface temperature will have a certain degree of recovery, the atmosphere is unstable energy increases, easy to trigger local severe convective weather.
In addition, from February 5th 14 surface meteorological monitoring situation, between Zhuzhou and Changsha have smaller scale surface convergence line, surface convergence line near is usually strong convection weather occurring concentration area.
To share: welcome to comment I want to comment | micro-blog recommended today micro-blog hot shop on the million gold and platinum jewelry is sweep away the best news reporter Shu Xiaoyan photography reports: 9 early in the morning, Jinxi County South Xiangshan Zhou Jie jewelry line by thieves, the shop on the million gold and platinum jewelry is sweep away, the shopkeeper to cry no tears.
Yesterday afternoon, reporters rushed to the jewelry line.The shopkeeper Zhou Jie pointed to the empty counters with a tearful tells a reporter, before the counter is full of gold and silver jewelry, is now the thief sweep away.
According to the night in the shop vigil week father said, he usually use a folding bed to sleep in the shop, on the day he goes to work at six thirty-six in the morning, locked the door, then everything is normal.
But at seven forty in the morning, Zhou Jie came to the store, opened the door when the scene so that he was shocked, but absolutely empty in the counter, the counter at sixes and sevens placed doors.He hurried upstairs, I didn't see any abnormal.
Zhou Jie went back downstairs, find the window bars being sawn, then hurried alarm.Reportedly, Zhou Jie jewelry line opened in May last year, the stolen before the main counter stocked with a large amount of gold, platinum and a small amount of silver jewelry, preliminary estimates of millions of dollars worth of.
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Woman in the bus on the lactation by male passenge

On May 27th,Mr. LH in Xi netizen Bo said ,the evening around 8 pm ,he takes the number 600 businterval ,a mother self-assured or supercilious lifted clothes to breast-feed the child ,next to the male passengers a surprise ,then turn the head feel shy to next to not say anything .
The micro-blog lead the topic is how to evaluate the public to give baby suckling behavior ?Taiwan highway service area nursery micro-blog chat in life ,gossip ,chat mood what could be, and some of the micro-blog as a topic of discussion platform .
For the mother to the baby in public this problem ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,a man can accept his micro-blog ,about his experience, the debate is very lively .Micro-blog topic : how to evaluate public suckling behavior in May 27th, Xi netizen Mr.
LH on Bo said ,the evening around 8 pm ,he takes the number 600 businterval ,a mother self-assured or supercilious lifted clothes to breast-feed the child ,next to the male passengers a surprise ,then turn the head to feel shy side not to say what .
The micro-blog lead the topic is how to evaluate the public to give baby suckling behavior ?A few netizens and Mr. LH ,could not accept such a situation .The heart of universal ripple 555: a personal view ofthe public should pay attention to ,breast-feeding in public ,will make people feel very embarrassed .
The semi twining :I saw in lactation ,to tell the truth by the great spirit of the impact of .? flyFifi :not every people can accept without preparation ,suddenly see someone .Experience : you can a hungry baby to cannot accept this behavior of the users ,the majority of people believe that they have no parents experience ,so the only way to say .
Many mothers have something to say .The walk don hold a torch :one month old baby,Louboutin Ireland, I in public breast feeding ,baby several kilograms ,hungry to eat ,then the hope is to have a sit still hiding place .
However ,that is not hidden ,also must feed the baby .The leaves :in my heart there before the children ,also found in public feeding is unbearable .But after having given birth to a child ,all for the needs of children ,when the baby mouth open looking for a mother you cannot refuse ,there will only be one idea ,hastened to the nipple into the baby ,he can hungry ,don what occasion place !The people in the world :if others choose between embarrassment and a hungry child ,I can only choose the former .
The lotus paste and egg yolk :did mom ,just understand lactation on children and the mother is so important .In the child to the mother ,nothing can stand in the way of this instinct .
At the time of lactation ,the milk will naturally flow ,this is a kind of magical induction ,between mother and child is closely related to the profound manifestation .In my kids to feed it, I would not hesitate to breast-feeding ,without any hesitation .
Observers said: the breastfeeding mother and baby to be tolerant of many users are not mentioned ,have no alternative against one ,mothers would not breast-feeding in public ,this should be tolerant of .
The buckwheat shell :different people see different things ,some people see the breast ,people saw the baby at dinner ,someone saw the mother and child in exchange ... ... The snow glass :if the conditions ,most people feel shy breast-feeding in public .
But who one or two conditions do not permit it ?Don a mother so demanding .The wild lily :Adults hungry freaks out ,and the baby ?Mother this time not milk will overflow .We currently do not have a better nursery environment ,only adults plan ahead prediction ,but sometimes plans can not keep up with changes .
Fed the milk it ,you .The tourmaline: you can tolerate public smoking ,tolerated ,but cannot tolerate a mother in the corner to breast-feed your baby ?On May 27th, Mr. LH in Xi netizen Bo said ,the evening around 8 pm ,he takes the number 600 businterval ,a mother self-assured or supercilious lifted clothes to breast-feed the child ,next to the male passengers a surprise ,then turn the head feel shy to next to not say anything .
The micro-blog lead the topic is how to evaluate the public to give baby suckling behavior ?Shopping Center Nursery suggestions :mother retaining others back to the head are not embarrassed as a mom ,can let the baby hungry ;as a woman ,should also pay attention to their image .
Thus ,many netizens put forward some constructive suggestions .The fire of three each :lactation when you are mother ,but do not forget the people you are still a woman .To be a great mother and elegant woman, there is no contradiction between them ,the appropriate shelter is to respect others and respect yourself .
The last Titan :I think that some manufacturers or designer is it right? Can design some convenient for mothers to breastfeed in public places shielding clothing or tool ?Moms summer out words ,can also carry a folding ,a wide-brimmed hat ,wear a big hat when feeding slightly lower .
Beautiful Holly :are children of lactation ,try to go out less ,if you have to go out to come back soon .If it is outside, the child is hungry ,or find a corner is better, or a special shawl .
The sat watching the moon : the coffin itself have no alternative against one in the breast feeding mother ,he was embarrassed .But as long as you turn or a back, can avoid the embarrassment of others ,what is there against it ?The favorite cake cat : actually, our society should be more humane ,in large shopping malls such places should have a nursery is the best .
Outside the box :ubiquitous nursery undeniable ,in public places to provide nursery environment ,foreign and in some areas than we do better .In the discussion, the netizen care about their different experience at home and abroad .
She said he is a shopping frenzy ,but since had children, shopping is very convenient ,because most of the mall has not provided the nursery ,but as the charge as sweeps it again to hurry home .
Hundred days children ,she took the baby to the United States by way of tokyo .In Tokyo ,the gate just opposite lactation room ,as long as the baby is hungry ,you can easily go to lactation room ,sitting in a comfortable sofa ,listening room came low music ,quiet and calm .
Lactation room there are baby diapers ,all facilities goods are available in all varieties .And then to the United States, almost all of the MALL have a lactation room ,family room ,took the kids and shopping is very convenient .
She hoped that the domestic market will open up a place as a nursery ,so that not only human, but also improve the shopping flow .According to media reports ,dedicated to provide rest ,lactation ,maternal and infant diaper nursery ,in foreign countries and some areas quite popular .
In Canada ,almost all businesses will prepare a room as a nursery ,almost all the female public restroom ,are equipped with dedicated to baby diaper groove platform .In France, a public place ,almost all can find nursery room ,business center ,hotels ,libraries ,hospitals ,airports ,train stations ,as well as the mass to government public service department ,without exception .
Even in France high-speed rail ,between each carriage toilets are equipped with specialized nursery .The host :welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended micro-blog hot today ( Editor: SN002 )by citizen Ms.
Yang rough cough for more than 10 years, serious when cough knees weak ,respiratory distress ,has been regarded as the treatment of gastric ulcer .What makings ,checked by the hospital, he is a little pepper skin .
Yesterday, the new bridge hospital respiratory department of internal medicine by bronchoscopy will be stuck in the Yang Chengfang endotracheal capsicum skin removed .44 year old Yang Chengfang recalls that, more than 10 years ago ,she was accidentally choked while eating ,there was no particular feeling, is not to cough, then more and more obvious .
Later, her body go from bad to worse ,every day to produce many of the yellow sputum, breathing has become increasingly difficult ,Louboutin Outlet,walk more and more tired ,also have a fever .A hospital diagnosis is thought of gastric ulcer ,and the abdominal wall hernia surgery ,but still not alleviate symptoms .
In May 24th of this year, due to breathing difficulties, she went to the hospital for respiratory department of internal medicine .According to the deputy director of the Department of respiration of Professor Yao Wei introduction ,after listening to the patients after introduction ,through the chest CT observation ,physicians in patients with right lower lung found a large shadow .
After further examination by fiberbronchoscope ,surprised to find that a piece of 0.5 square centimeters ofdark red objects embedded in it .After the removal of a look ,turned out to be a piece of Capsicum skin .
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Foreign rubbish were cleared more than 1000 projectiles Figure

Check out suspected small caliber projectiles for destruction .The newspaper Qingyuan news ( reporter Cao Jing correspondent Li Zhaocai photo coverage) yesterday, Qingyuan City District Public Security Bureau Security Team in a remote place more than 1000 piecesfrom the Ocean Garbage uncovered suspected small caliber projectiles for destruction .
According to the police ,the number of suspected small caliber gun bullet is not long ago by city stone Kok police station organization police to clean waste materials acquisition Shop, in the ocean garbage seized .
Qing City branch of the security brigade was informed of the situation, immediately organize relevant personnel to the scene ,and the 1000 piecesof small caliber artillery warhead is transferred to a safe place to implement detonation .
The reporter bought noodles noodles test ,a burning flame .Noodle shops use lemon yellow ,etc. and other additives ,in store grain and oil sauce shop you can buy .Reading tip recently readers complaints ,selling noodles in the noodle with edible glue ,buy noodles can point burning !When the survey found ,there are a number of operators in the use of chemical additives ,some store grain and oil sales of these additives .
Illegal traders in the noodles add chemical products such as edible glue ,lemon yellow ,etc. ,compound phosphate ,in order to enhance the strength and elasticity of noodles ,by adding some alum to make noodles white and sleek .
Video :noodles from adding edible glue noodles instant combustion sources :Shandong TV Morning News reporter Zhang Wang Yingjie Intern - the absolute value of wet noodles noodles mixed edible glue ,can burn 19,Miss Zhao to the reporter complained that :have a relative noodle business ,which mixed with food gum .
So I will break cook noodles ,noodles with relatives that have this kind of thing ,rice also mixed with edible glue ,eats band .I checked on the Internet ,many people eat a bowl of rice to eat into a plastic bag .
20, a three way by Mr. Zhang told reporters :at noon I from the farmers market to buy noodles ,cooking noodles out of two fire quickly ignited .I get some noodle with lighter to ignite ,not noodles are burning up ,burning a pungent odor ,calcined powder hair hard ,in the end add noodles is what ?Shocking survey noodle shop to use much ,additives sold Qiao 3 days,journalists in Zaozhuang City Village town farmers market and more than 10 noodle shop,found the noodles in the noodles mixed with additives .
In a noodle shop, the reporter saw ,the noodles mixed with an additive called etc. .A reporter asked :this thing put in can eat ?The landlady said :now with this kind of thing ,ramen noodles ,noodles and rice are with this thing .
The reporter in the Zaozhuang market to buy flour noodle shop name into the shop ,the ground put a bottle of dusty glass bottles ,containing iron red additive .Whisk away the dust after the reporter saw half a bottle of lemon yellow .
The reporter asked that what is used, the boss said: to the hot dry flour riga .Reporter in several other noodle shop survey ,merchant call a spade a spade and said: now where there is no additives ?When the survey to understand, noodle shops use lemon yellow ,etc.
,compound phosphate ,in store grain and oil sauce shop can buy .Reporters in Zaozhuang farmers market a few asked store grain and oil ,if have sell .Several journalists were bought ,and the conversation : selling well? The hostess :sell well, the market sells noodles with this .
Selling noodles and some in the face with alum ,the noodles looks white and smooth, easy to sell .Alum is added to the dough ,fried dough sticks pretty not collapse .A condiment shop owner told reporters :I here additives are sold out ,immediately to purchase .
Seeing is believing reporter personally test burn out flames ,noodles journalists were purchased 5 noodles,in ignition test after the discovery of wet noodles really can burn ,also burned flame ,such as human extinction ,long noodles can completely burn .
After a fur noodles burn burnt smell ,very pungent ,blackened ashes left by hand feeling very hard .In order to verify the purchase of noodles and do their own handmade noodles have without distinction ,journalists and surface made noodles noodles ignited by fire ,fire and soon automatically extinguished, burning the ashes after a pinch or into powder .
Practical advise eating diversification ,do feed not tire of miscellaneous press reporter interviewed international food packaging association vice-chairman to hold secretary-general Dong Jinshi concurrently .
He said ,alum in dough is when leavening agent used, but not at all used in food .Alum containing aluminum ,aluminum easily in the human brain ,liver and kidney spleen and other organs such as the brain accumulation ,deposition caused by dementia ,memory loss ,mental decline .
Noodle consumption is very large, such as adding alum in the noodles caused harm to the human body is big .Dong Jinshi reminded the public :noodles can burn a containing protein ,two are joined by organic food additives .
Organic food additives is divided into natural and chemical industry two .Such as noodle adding chemical products will combustion .Recent exposure to protein hydrolysate ,also can burn .
Consumers choose to pay attention to selected natural additive .State regulations require the sale of food to mark the various constituents and proportion ,but farmers market selling noodles ,steamed bread and so on ,are not likely to mark what proportion ,long-term consumption on the human body would harm .
Feed not tire of miscellaneous ,consumers can not eat noodles and steamed bread containing unknown additive ,should pay attention to regularly adjust food structure ,with unknown additives food is best not eat or eat .
O&nbsp ;cues provide Zhao News Hotline &nbsp ;0371-96211do a little testdear reader ,read the report ,please have to buy their own noodles point fire ,if can burn, and burn after singed fur odor ,explain the added chemical supplies ,the next time you do not buy it home noodle .
Give you a trick and faces plus egg and salted noodle more pliable Reporters without any additives to make noodles pliable consulted chef Mr. jia .He said :to increase the noodle bars, and when the flour eggs and salt to the noodles taste lubrication ,chewy .
If you want to change the color and taste, can be added to flour some mung bean powder ,black bean powder .Carrot juice ,celery juice ,spinach juice add eggs and noodles ,noodles are very pliable .
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